“Starlink Mk.II (2024)” A tribute to my wife who works for SpaceX!

After many years of watching Bob Ross ‘The Joy of Painting’ and ‘The Magic of Oil Painting’ with Bill Alexander, I decided to finally give it a try! I’ve always been a fan of Bob Ross, not only for his art, but for his positive energy. It was through ‘The Joy of Painting’ that I discovered the mighty Bill Alexander, who is another incredibly inspiring artist and was actually the original happy painter on TV. I started as a complete beginner (as we all do!) and my goal is to become master artist just like Bob and Bill, FIRE IN!

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Bill Alexander Original Paintings

After discovering the amazing and inspiring life of Bill Alexander, I sought to find as many of his original paintings as I could. I recently found this unique portrait in an antique store in British Columbia. It is maybe a bit strange to buy a portrait of someone I don’t know, but the painting itself is beautiful and its wonderful to see Bills painting up close and in person. If anyone knows the story behind this portrait, please get in touch in with me!