Written Works


Science Fiction Novella Series: The Way of Light

A young man awakens in a village with no memory of who he is or where he comes from. In his dreams, he sees visions of another lifetime and universe. His quest to find the truth will take him on an epic journey through a vast and mysterious planet. He’s on a collision course to face his destiny and do battle with the ultimate evil.

The Way of Light: Phthalo Blues (2024)

The Way of Light: The Viper (2024)

Comic Book Series: Wild Frontier / Victims of the Future

A killer is on the loose! The citizens of Sector VII live in fear as countless bodies are discovered brutally mutilated. Agent Sykes is sent to investigate but soon uncovers a much more sinister conspiracy to conceal the truth behind the murders! Read my comics online on Tapas.com

Wild Frontier (Comic Book) (2023)

Victims of the Future (Comic Book) (2021)

Non Fiction Memoirs

My life has been one big adventure and my father always encouraged me to write down my experiences so I wouldn’t forget anything. These are my stories…

Berlin (Memoir) (2021)

The Howling Company (Memoir) (2015)