Escape Games

In 2014 I entered the ‘Live Escape Game’ industry after moving to Berlin, Germany. Escape Games are a very interesting concept and designing them can be a very creative experience. I started my own company ‘Escape Game Enterprises Ltd’ in 2015 and opened the first Escape Game in Brighton, England.

Following the success of this first location I developed the worlds first mail order Escape Game called ‘The Travelers Suitcase’. We then developed a whole range of mail order games under the company ‘Escape Game Products’.

My company expanded to Germany in 2016 by creating ‘Wallner Productions GmbH & Co. KG’. We opened a location in Berlin in October 2016. In 2017 I plan to open a third location in Hollywood, CA.

As much as I love music, I always struggled to make a good financial living. My Escape Game business will give me the freedom to create lots of new music in the future. For my all of my Escape Game companies visit my website: