Musician, Entrepreneur, Author + Animal Lover

I grew up in South West England surrounded by lots of sheep. While I was a teenager studying at Colyton Grammar School, I discovered my love for rock music and the electric guitar. Ritchie Blackmore, Gary Moore and John Sykes are personal favorites of mine. Immediately after graduating from the University of Portsmouth, I flew to Los Angeles with my guitar in one hand and a bag of clothes in the other.

While living in Los Angeles throughout my early 20’s I grew musically. I am fortunate to have recorded with many of my favorite musicians, many of which played with my musical idols. I’ve toured all over the world to Japan, North America, Canada and Europe. There’s nothing I love more than making music, but after living in Los Angeles for 5 years, I decided I needed a change of scenery.

In 2014 I moved to Berlin, Germany and entered the world of ‘Live Escape Games’. Since then I have started companies in the UK and Germany. We have had great success and continue to grow into new and exciting markets. I recently wrote a book about my love for animals and am writing a Science Fiction novel, for which my music will serve as the soundtrack. I hope to have the project finished in 2017! Whether I’m recording new music, starting a new business, or writing a new book, I love nothing more than to create something new.

My other interests include my animals. I have several pets I rescued from Los Angeles and Berlin including my Beagle ‘Louie’, my Chihuahua ‘Lizzy’ and my cat ‘Coco’. I also enjoy collecting vintage guitars and amplifiers. I recently purchased several pieces which used to belong to Gary Moore. There’s nothing quite like plugging a Gibson Les Paul into a 200 Watt Marshall that both used belong to your idol. Stay tuned!

Photo Credit Glen La Ferman