Marshall 2061 Lead & Bass (1974) / 1917 P.A. 20 (1972)

Marshall 2061 Lead & Bass, 1917 P.A. 20 (1970’s)¬†Formerly owned by Gary Moore

These 20 watt Marshall are possibly my favorite amp. They’re so simple with only two controls for each channel (Tone/Volume). It’s easy to make these amps sound good, just plug in and put everything on max. You can ‘jumper’ the two channels together for even more juice. Even though the amp is only 20 watts, it’s still incredibly loud. I currently have two different models of this amplifier, the 2061 Lead & Bass (1974) and 1917 P.A. 20 (1972). Strangely, the 1917 model sounds better to my ears, even though it would originally have been used as a vocal PA.

Marshal recently re-issued the 2061 model and I’m tempted to get one for use on tour. The two I currently have are also from The Gary Moore Collection and I also have a matching 1×12 speaker cabinet with a 25-watt G12M Celestion speaker, very nice! The 2061 and speaker cab were featured in the February 2016 issue of Guitarist Magazine.

Photo from the February 2016 Issue of Guitarist Magazine