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British blues-rock guitarist and 'Guitar World' columnist Will Wallner and Croatian singer Vivien Vain have released their brand new album titled 'The Battle of Clyst Heath'. Recorded in 2014, the album draws heavily from British hard rock influences such as Rainbow, Thin Lizzy and Deep Purple. Guitarist Will Wallner and vocalist Vivien Vain handle all the guitars and vocals respectively with former White Wizzard drummer Giovanni Durst and current DIO Disciples bassist Bjorn Englen providing the rhythm section to the majority of the songs.

The album opens with a unique guitar rendition of the theme track to cult science fiction film 'Blade Runner' originally by Greek composer Vangelis. The songs which follow are inspired by events in British history during 'The Wars of the Roses'. Below you can hear two new songs from the album. 'The Wars Of The Roses' and 'Black Moon' which features Carmine Appice and Tony Franklin, the original rhythm section to the power trio 'Blue Murder'.

The album closes with a special tribute to guitarist Gary Moore featuring Gary's former bandmates Don Airey and Neil Murray alongside drummer Vinny Appice. Their cover of 'The Loner' draws heavily from live bootlegs and is a more traditional blues rendition of the original.

Track Listing
1) Blade Runner
2) The Wars Of The Roses
3) Visions Of Home
4) Eye Of The Storm
5) Black Moon
6) You Won't Take Me Alive
7) The Battle Of Clyst Heath
8) The Loner

Band Lineup
Vivien Vain: Vocals
Will Wallner: Guitars
Bjorn Englen: Bass
Giovanni Durst: Drums

Guest Musicians
Vinny Appice - Drums on tracks 4, 8
Carmine Appice - Drums on track 5
Tony Franklin - Bass on track 5
Neil Murray - Bass on track 8
Don Airey - Keys on track 8

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Formed in 2010 as a studio project in Los Angeles 'Will Wallner & Vivien Vain' have spent the past 3 years working with some of the most respected musicians in Hard Rock & Heavy Metal from bands including Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Rainbow. Their debut album (Will Wallner & Vivien Vain) was released on October 8th 2012 via Polish record label 'Metal Mind Productions' with guest musicians Derek Shernian, Carmine Appice, Jimmy Bain, Vinny Appice, Tony Franklin, Brian Tichy, Rudy Sarzo and Tony Carey.
Ritchie Blackmore Concert Review - August 26th, 2014

Not long ago I saw Ritchie Blackmore live in concert. It was a life changing experience, this man is my hero. I wrote this review for Guitar World but wanted to share on my website as well. what I didn't put in the review is that tears rolled down my face when he played his electric solo.

On August 26, I had the pleasure of seeing Blackmore's Night live in Berlin, Germany.

It was my first chance to see guitar legend Ritchie Blackmore in concert, and living on the West Coast, I didn't think I'd ever get the opportunity as Blackmore's Night performs mostly in Europe and, on rare occasions, on the East Coast in the U.S.

The 1,600-capacity Admiral Palace theater provided a very intimate setting. The stage looked as if it could've been used for a William Shakespeare play with greenery, flowers and rocks covering musical equipment and curtains painted to look like castle walls hanging on either side. When the concert began, all eyes were on Blackmore as he strummed his acoustic guitar and greeted fans in the front row who dressed as if they were at a renaissance fair.

If I had to describe Blackmore's Night musically, I'd say they are a fusion of renaissance, folk and rock. It became clear from the beginning that they didn't have a problem breaking the rules. How many renaissance concerts have you seen with an arena-rock-style drum solo? A very impressive group of young talented musicians provided the perfect backing to Blackmore's Night.

The concert was full of dynamics, and each song featured a wide spectrum of different arrangements. The best example of this was probably a Deep Purple cover of "Soldier of Fortune," which began with Ritchie and his wife, Candice Night, alone on stage playing very softly. The stage volume was so low, the entire audience had to be silent. As the song progressed, more instruments joined in until every member of the band played with full force. At that moment, it felt like more like a rock concert.

Behind the band was a large screen where different moving images would appear relating to specific songs. The stage production enhanced the live music to create a very enjoyable experience. At times it was easy to forget I was watching one the greatest rock guitarists of all time as songs like "Renaissance Faire" had everybody singing and clapping.

Two hours into the concert came the moment I had been waiting for as Blackmore returned from a short break carrying his signature yellow cream Fender Stratocaster. The band played "The Moon Is Shining" from their latest album, and the sound of an electrified Blackmore had the audience on their feet. The highlight came as he began his outro solo, which lasted about five minutes. Like a master, Blackmore built a solo that took the entire audience on an emotional journey. As he moved higher and higher up the neck and held a high bend for several seconds, the audience was in awe.

As a guitar fan I thought it couldn't get any better than that.

At which point he walked over to the front of the stage, dropped to his knees and began going crazy up and down the neck with both hands, flipping his guitar over and abusing his whammy bar. I cannot describe the audience reaction as the entire venue shook with a deep growl. With that single move, Blackmore reminded everyone that he was still the rock guitar god he's always been. As the song ended, I couldn't help but notice the man next to me was crying. I was also relieved that my friend got the moment on film!

The concert ended up lasting well over two and a half hours with Ritchie and Candice taking requests from the audience. Other highlights included "Fires at Midnight," which began with Ritchie alone on stage, on a stool, improvising acoustically for a few minutes. The beautiful melodic phrases had the audience in silence again, which contrasted perfectly the heavy metal style moves of moments earlier. At which point he walked over to the front of the stage, dropped to his knees and began going crazy up and down the neck with both hands, flipping his guitar over and abusing his whammy bar. I cannot describe the audience reaction as the entire venue shook with a deep growl. With that single move, Blackmore reminded everyone that he was still the rock guitar god he's always been. As the song ended, I couldn't help but notice the man next to me was crying. I was also relieved that my friend got the moment on film!

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Will Wallner Featured in 'Guitar World' Best Of 2013 - January 1, 2014

Guitar World has selected TWO of Will's lessons for thier 'top 10 lessons' of 2013 list. Will is extremely grateful for all the support Guitar World has given him in the past couple of years! Click here to view the full article on guitarworld.com

Wallner/Vain Live as Direct Support For Jake E Lee - December 13, 2013

'Will Wallner & Vivien Vain' recently performed their debut show in Los Angeles at the world famous Whisky A GoGo to a sold out crowd as direct support for Jake E Lee's 'Red Dragon Cartel' (Jakes first show in 20+ years). Eddie Trunk, host of 'That Metal Show' on VH1 Classic, also made a surprise appearence and announced Wallner/Vain before their set.

"Main support for this show was provided by an act called Will Wallner & Vivien Vain, featuring ex-White Wizzard gutiarist Will Wallner and his wife Vivien on vocals, along with Giovanni Durst, also a former member of White Wizzard. The duo put out their debut studio album in 2010 and are currently working on a follow-up. Despite having seen Will perform with White Wizzard on numerous occasions this year, and having listened to and followed his side project ever since it began in 2010, I never got the opportunity to see them live and last night I was finally able to rectify that. As is clear from his past releases and live performances, Will is an extremely talented guitar player and he brought his A-game to the stage last night, showcasing his repertoire on that Gibson guitar of his, not only presenting the new and older Wallner-Vain material but also paying tribute to one of his guitar heroes Gary Moore with a cover of 'Thunder Rising'.

Vivien's vocals complemented his guitar play excellently and the overall vibe created by this band was more along the lines of classic Rainbow, Deep Purple, Dio and the likes. Aptly, they ended their set with covers of 'Burn' and 'Perfect Strangers' as a tribute to Jon Lord. I thought the band steadily built up the momentum song by song, hitting their peak with the Deep Purple covers, and I only wish they had a longer set because they could have easily ridden on that high for at least a couple more tunes. Aside from the two main protagonists who both put on a great show, Gio's drumming was exemplary and fill-in bassist Curt Remington played his part as well. I have no doubt that the band made some new fans last night, and hopefully it will inspire them to play more shows on a regular basis."

By Andrew Bansal - Metal Assault

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Left: Sold out crowd during Wallner/Vain's set
Right: Wallner/Vain being announced by Eddie Trunk (Presenter of VH1 Classic's That Metal Show)

Video Footage of Wallner/Vain's set

White Wizzard's Releases New Album - May 23, 2013

Will Wallner has recorded guitar solos for the new White Wizzard album 'The Devils Cut'. The album will be released on June 25th via Century Media / Earache Records. Many recent reviews of the new album have praised Will's playing:

"The key ingredients on 'The Devils Cut' are Jake Dreyer and Will Wallner, who bring a level of flash and musicality to the record that most bands would kill for."
Adrien Begrand - Terrorizer Magazine

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"It's in guitarists Jake Dreyer and Will Wallner, however, where White Wizzard truly start to live up to all that promise, as the duo brings a level of melody and flamboyance that the band sorely lacked."
Adrien Begrand - Decibel Magazine

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"Kings Of The Highway - Joseph Michael's restrained and soulful performance builds up to a scream that leads into a jaw dropping solo from Wallner (seriously, that lick at the 3:45 mark is so damn cool); it's the kind of break that will wow crowds everywhere if the band is smart enough to stick the song in their set."
Avinash Mittur - Metal Assault

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"...the key members on The Devil's Cut are guitarists Jake Dreyer and Will Wallner, who shred on the level that fans of that half NWOBHM-derived, half proggy style of heavy metal crave."
Adrien Begrand - MSN Entertainment

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"Guitarists Will Wallner and Jake Dreyer should get the lion's share of attention for their exemplary riffing and solo parts- tackling everything from pure shred to exotic dynamics and as a result keeping your ears pinned for what to expect next."
Anmeldt av Matt Coe - Eternal Terror Webzine

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"The guitar work of Jake Dreyer and Will Wallner are phenomenally inspiring throughout each song and can be compared to many of the guitar heroes of metal."
Callum Doig - SFMedia.com.au

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Century Media Records recently posted two songs taken from the new album featuring Will Wallner on lead guitar:

WHITE WIZZARD has launched tracks, "Kings Of The Highway" and "Strike The Iron," taken from their upcoming third full-length album, The Devils Cut. Due out on June 3rd in Europe via Earache Records and on June 25th in the USA via Century Media / Earache Records, The Devils Cut features artwork by Cameron Davis (http://www.cdavisart.com), who is known for his work as the lead character designer and illustrator for the Guitar Hero video game series. For a preview of this upcoming release, click the links below to stream "Kings Of The Highway" and "Strike The Iron"

Since their inception in 2007, Los Angeles' WHITE WIZZARD has stuck to their manifesto of delivering classic, denim-and-leather heavy metal to the masses. WHITE WIZZARD has now returned with a brand new slab of high-speed heavy metal for this summer. The band's main-man, Jon Leon, spent months crafting the nine songs that make up The Devils Cut before heading to the studio with a refreshed line-up of musicians to lay down the tracks. The man behind the distinctive vocal chords is Joseph Michael, ably backed up by the shredding might of Jake Dreyer and Will Wallner and the precision drumming of Giovanni Durst making WHITE WIZZARD one of the most volatile forces in the US heavy metal movement!